KK 1-2/2019


Martin Ehala

Estonian language in the long run

Guntars Godiņš

My specifics of translating Estonian poetry

Cornelius Hasselblatt

On the reception of Estonian literature in Europe

Tiit Hennoste

How to write poetry about language?

Reet Kasik

The value of a literary language: change and stability

Mare Kitsnik

Learning Estonian as a second language – hard work or easy fun?

Paavo Kivine

Lurich as champion and advocate for Estonia

Heido Ots

Big and small numbers

Heiki Pisuke

About translation in the EU institutions

Külli Prillop

A comprehensive statistical study of Estonian verse

Peeter Päll

A century of language planning in Estonia: history and today

Kristiina Ross

Estonian literary language: ours vs yours

Henrik Sova

The poetic function of errors

Tõnu Tender

Ferdinand’s successors

Anna Verschik

Multilingualism, language contacts and (meta)linguistic awareness