Becoming a poetess

Liidia Tuulse’s 100th birthday



The article follows the poetic formation of the oldest living Estonian author Liidia Tuulse. The roles of Bernard Kangro, Helmi Mäelo, Marie Under, Arno Vihalemm, Õie Fleig-Tamm and others in that process are pointed out. The mutual relations of the expatriate authors, emergence of creative impulses and the phenomenally smooth evolution of Lidia Tuulse into a poetess are discussed.

Bernard Kangro’s interest in Liidia Tuulse’s poetic career was based on their shared school memories from Valga and a mystical South-Estonian sense of nature.

The talent of the young Liidia Tuulse was also noticed by Marie Under, whose supportive attitude enhanced her self-confidence. Projection of the emotions and experiences gained from her home landscapes to those of Sweden, Norway and Switzerland is part of the poetess’s quest of identity. This quest culminates in her travel through Estonian nature and herself in the summer of 1965.