Two colleagues sharing a common interest

Ülo Tedre (12. II 1928 – 9. III 2015). Heldur Niit (9. IX 1928 – 21. X 2010)


Keywords: Heldur Niit, Ülo Tedre, folklore studies, editing practices, newer folk song

The article discusses the history of Estonian folkloristics via the activities and relations of copy editor Heldur Niit and folklorist Ülo Tedre. Heldur Niit had majored in folklore at the University of Tartu and also taken a postgraduate course in the subject. From 1972–2007 he worked as copy editor for folklore and literary studies at the journal Keel ja Kirjandus. Ülo Tedre, Head of the Department of Folklore at the Institute of the Estonian Language sat on the advisory board of the journal and authored a great number of articles and reviews.

Peeter Olesk (b. 1953), Advisor of the Rector of the Estonian University of Life ­Sciences, prouadoktor@gmail.com