Philology, philosophy, and truth


Keywords: philology, philosophy, stasis, conceptual history

On the borderline of philology and philosophy, it often happens that the two approaches collide, claiming both to be true, whatever ‘true’ may mean. A distinction can be made between the Platonic qualitative movement towards truth and the quantitative approach to truth inherent in modern philology. At the same time, both perspectives are culture-specific, closely related to the dominant discourse, selection principles and hierarchy. This creates obstacles, for example, in the study of conceptual history but also in philology in general. The solution is to let go of the truth to some extent, accepting its time-varying and context-sensitive nature.

Neeme Näripä (b. 1980), University of Tartu Library, Research Center, Junior Research Fellow (W. Struwe 1, 50091 Tartu), neeme.naripa@ut.ee


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