Text and performance in sound poetry: Eesti by Jaan Malin


Keywords: sound poetry, music, text, performance, form, Jaan Malin

There exist no well-established methods for discussing sound poetry. Sound poetry can be associated with music through a specific relationship between text and performance. According to modern understanding, in music, performance is seen not only as a realization of the structure of a work, i.e. of its content, but also as its essential component, and this can also be said about sound poetry. At the same time, sound poetry contains a semantic aspect, due to which it, unlike music, also operates with specific meanings. Consequently, the form of a work of sound poetry is formed on the basis of both music and language (literature), but neither of them has an absolute predominance in the formation of the structure of such a work. This article examines, on the basis of Jaan Malin’s sound poem Eesti (Estonia, 2016), what are the connections between text and performance and how their combination creates an artistic output.


Kerri Kotta (b. 1969), PhD, Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre, Professor of Music Theory (Tatari 13, 10116 Tallinn), kerri.kotta@gmail.com



Malin, Jaan 2016. Jaan *Luulur* Malini häälutus. YouTube’i video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j-Y4iUrEejw


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