Attitudes towards translation, or how translation is defined

The article addresses the available definitions and interpretations of translation, mainly in view of translator education. The constantly changing market as well as the modern information society requires that a translator should be flexible and ready to act in a constructive manner whatever the situation. Knowing just a few basics is hardly enough if a translator’s ambition is higher than the lowest market segment, let alone job satisfaction. Therefore, I would argue that it is crucial for translators to reach their own definition of translation and to be able to analyse the translation process. 

Translation is a field of many well-established attitudes. Often students begin their studies with an entrenched idea of translation, which instead of their personal experience is based on some stereotypical views of the field. Such fixations, however, may prove an inhibiting factor in the development of translator education. 

The article introduces the analysis of a questionnaire  applied to professional translators, translation students and applicants for translation studies in order to find out their definition of translation. The results should be helpful to would-be translators as well as to translation teachers.