Newly discovered samples of 17th-century Estonian poetry

Keywords: early modern occasional poetry, album amicorum, digital collections, Reiner Brockmann, Johann Hornung, Joachim Salemann

The article introduces four 17th-century poems belonging to Estonian literary history, which were discovered at the beginning of 2021 by literary researcher Jaak Urmet in the course of a systematic study of the hitherto digitized prints and manuscripts in the libraries and archives of Germany, Latvia, Denmark and some other nearby countries. Two of the four are authored by Reiner Brockmann: a nuptial poem in Latin, published in Germany in 1632, and a congratulatory poem in German, published in 1654 as dedicated to Georg Mancelius, who is remembered, inter alia, by his contribution to the development of literary Latvian. In addition, there was an Estonian couplet by Joachim Salemann, published in the album amicorum of his fellow student Adolph Saubert in 1654, and an anonymous Estonian congratulatory poem for the Master’s promotion of Eberhard Eckholtz, published in 1682 and attributed to Johann Hornung by the present study. Apart from biographical and genre contextualization of the poems and a linguistic analysis of the Estonian poems, the German and Latin original poems are provided with Estonian verse translations, whilst Salemann’s Estonian verses are subjected to a modern transpoetization.


Jaak Urmet (b. 1979), MA, writer, literary researcher (Estonian Writers’ Union, Harju 1, 10146 Tallinn), Saue Gymnasium, Literature and Estonian Language Teacher ­jaak­

Kristi Viiding (b. 1972), PhD, Under and Tuglas Literary Centre, Senior Researcher (Kohtu 6, 10130 Tallinn),