The past triennial of Estonian literary studies: a database based survey

Monitoring the state of the art in national research is a necessary autocommunication mechanism of a culture. The present overview surveys the monographs, collections, and research articles concerning Estonian literature, which have been published during the period of 2010–2012. The overview is based on the databases ESTER and ISE of the Estonian Libraries Network Consortium. The Estonian subject thesaurus and UDC classificators were used for finding the publications classified as ‘literary studies’. An additional survey was carried out among those articles published in Estonian literary periodicals that were not indexed as ‘literary studies’. The main quantitative findings of our research are that ca 70 books and ca 500 articles were published on the subject of literary research related with Estonian material during the past three-year period. The publications were issued not only in Estonia, but in Germany, Russia, Finland, Lithuania and France, while the array of the languages of research was also diverse. Article collections published in the framework of inter-institutional co-operation appear to stimulate scholarly communication, whereas single articles in selected high-rating journals may not be accessible for the wider community of readers interested in studies on Estonian literature. Open access to scholarly work in online environments is of crucial importance.