Kristiina Ross

On the birth of the thematic issue

First preface

Epp Annus

Affect, colonialism, nationalism and cultural studies

Second preface

Mari Sarv

Human science as national self-reflection

Third preface

Marek Tamm

Making the nations: A humanities point of view

Eneken Laanes

To be and to work as an Estonian

Anti Selart

Estonians’ own historical research

Helle Metslang

Is there a place for a nation in a linguist’s brain?

Karl Pajusalu

The contribution of the student members of the Mother Tongue Society to the Estonian national discourse in the early 1920s

Kadri Koreinik, Maarja Siiner, Kara Brown

Should the state be the only focus of language-policy research?

Märt Väljataga

Literary studies and the nation – sense and sensibility

Tiit Hennoste

Literature, science and nationality

Madis Arukask

Finno-Ugric kinship in the Estonian national image: A shared emotion or a fuzzy question?

Indrek Jääts, Marleen Metslaid

Estonian ethnography and Estonian nationalism

Liina Saarlo

Sovietisation as a preservative for Estonian national folkloristics

Elo-Hanna Seljamaa

Nationalism in the eyes of others


Aksel Tamm, Mart Meri, Joel Sang

On the 60th anniversary of Keel ja Kirjandus: addresses by three ­former editors-in-chief – Aksel Tamm, Mart Meri and Joel Sang

Johanna Ross

Philology is gone, national focus is gone. What ­r­emains? Keel ja Kirjandus 60


Tiina Kirss

Culture or the Universe? Review of a collection of essays on the methodology of cultural studies

Kuidas uurida kultuuri? Kultuuriteaduste metodoloogia. Koostanud Marek Tamm. Gigantum humeris. Tallinn: Tallinna Ülikooli Kirjastus, 2016


Tiina Laansalu, Sven-Erik Soosaar

The first decade of Finno-Ugric seminars held at the Institute of the Estonian language: a retrospective